Smt. Deepa Antil, A renounced social activist, an educationist, a development enthusiast, and a firm believer of gender justice and gender equality. She presides Sashakt Naari Parishad, her brainchild, A non-profit organization which she established in 2011 to become the voice of the victims of abuse. Her unique approach addresses all the factors contributing to gender inequality from the periphery to the center. Starting from addressing concerns about women’s safety and their problems, her vision is to address all the issues surrounding them. She raised her voice for child rights, Health education and several Awareness campaigns. Through her empowering initiatives and Dharana Pradarshan she gathered love and respect of thousands of women and children. Hailing from Haryana, now she has become the hope of indigent women and a pride to the nation. She has been bestowed with Women Of The Year Award, Bharat Gourav Award, 7th Excellence Women Award, Social Activist Of The Year Award. Recently she got awarded Mahila Gaurav Award, Magicka Women Achievers Award.

  • Founded in 2011, Sashakt Nari Parishad is a non-governmental organization based in Gurgaon,
  • Haryana with the mission to empower the women and girls of India, guarantee their rights, and increase understanding of social issues from a gender perspective. The NGO was initiated and is headed by the renowned social activist Deepa Antil.
  • We serve women in different parts of Gurugram offering support, tools, and access to life-changing skills to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency. Our mission is to uplift the condition of individuals by creating conditions of an all-inclusive environment, which we believe is necessary for the holistic development of the community. Therefore, our programs are aimed at various divisions of the society, including children and elderly, government and private organizations. Sashakt Naari Parishad believes in the empowerment of women, and therefore, Dharna Pradarshan as a tool has a high relevance in our endeavors. In a very short span of time, Sashakht Naari Parishad has organized more than 300 programs and has reached out to be a support of 1,50,000 women. Our ultimate aim is providing capacity building in individuals, communities and the society as a whole for creating an equitable and gender-just society.


BOLO RE! (Speak Up)

We want to build a society wherein individual will stand for themselves and others. We encourage people to raise their voice against all odds.)

Our Vision

Sashakt Nari Parishad as an organization believes in an unbiased and sensitive approach towards the women and their problems; Achieving gender equality in India is a very complex phenomenon, as there are many economic and cultural aspects to it. Therefore, Sashakt Naari Parishad has come up with a unique approach to address all the factors contributing to gender inequality from the periphery to the center. Some of our key issue areas include but are not limited to: Empowerment of women by providing them with Education, Giving a voice to underprivileged women through Dharnas, Saving the girl child and upliftment of women from the status of second sex. Our approach aims towards forming a wide base of support for the underprivileged women and our most revered tool we is listening. We listen with care and concern. Our eyes are wide open to scan every dimension.

We are just for justice and have enough courage to adjudge the judgments. Sashakt Naari Parishad strongly believes in gender equality, and to achieve the same we believe, women can be the catalyst for change. Sashakt Naari Parishad began as a women-centric organization by providing education to increase the understanding of their rights by the means of spreading awareness. The goal was to empower them and encouraging them to empower their local communities. Over a short span of time, Sashakt Naari Parishad has organized a large number of awareness drives, programs like seminars, workshops, conferences, street plays, Protests with the aim of bringing in women upliftment and the broader goal of development of our society