SNP is a non-governmental organization whose mandate is to promote and protect human rights. Established in March 2011 in Gurgaon, Haryana, The NGO was initiated and is headed by the renowned social activist and performing artist Deepa Antil. SNP as an organization who believes in an unbiased and sensitive approach towards all the people and their problems.
To attain and accomplish a pan India status in providing a platform to poor and needy people. Our mission is to educate people and provide them all the facilities which will help them in their all round development and make them prosperous and happy.
We are intend to create a self sufficient platform in the society where people will come forward to help out each other and will raise their voice against every odd by chanting our slogan BOLO RE !
SNP constantly strives to support and empower weaker sections of our society; particularly victims of domestic violence, rape and other heinous crimes.
We witness 9-10 cases daily of these social problems and we have successfully helped 70-75 % of these by bringing justice to them.
We had also organized several workshops on street level to educate and to create awareness among the masses on serious problems like sanitation, gender equality, education and healthcare.
Our mission is to make the needy capable and skilled so that they can earn their livelihood and spend their life with dignity and self-respect.
These programs are specially designed for encouraging employment and providing basic facilities to the needy section of our country. To promote self-dependency and teaching the mass some basic skills to earn their daily bread.
SNP team has planned to make shelter homes for the victims in remote areas. The small shelters would provide accommodation to several people irrespective of their color, caste, creed, or age in a harmonic environment.
SNP plans to provide small business opportunities to the residents of SNP Ashray to provide them the opportunities to earn their livelihood. The occupation opportunities may include spice grinding, candle making, handicraft items, dress stitching, etc. This would enable them to run their daily expenses.

SNP is organizing Women of Achievement Awards on cultural evening that will honor 30 Personalities / Institutions who have demonstrated qualities of leadership and excellence in their professional and personal endeavors as well as their contribution to the larger community. In conjunction with the Women of Achievement Awards Ceremony SNP held cultural program to support the Save Girl Child issue.

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Mailing form

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