Female feticide is a vice that pervades our society even after years of rigorous work on women upliftment by the government and non-government organizations. Sashakt Naari Parishad brings in the values of Beti Bachao missionwithin the ambit of its vision.

SASHAKT NAARI PARISHAD has come up as a pillar in working towards Beti Bachao mission by advocating the cause in various spaces like schools, colleges, and village communities by the means of conducting workshops and seminars for the same. The larger goal is creation of a gender just society.


Breast cancer has a majority share of cancer cases and is the leading cause for deaths in women suffering with noncommunicable diseases. To help women of Haryana, Sashakt Naari Parishad successfully organized breast cancer awareness program in DLF Phase V. Other than this, Sashakt Naari Parishad actively organizes health checkup camps by doctors periodically.

The larger aim is to provide the people with a healthy body and healthy mind. Sashakt Naari Parishad believes that these two are imperative towards achieving holistic development. Health education not only makes the community a healthy community but a happy community.


Sashakt Naari Parishad believes that gender sensitization can be best provided by Education. The future of our nation is our children.

Therefore, one major focus of our work is all round development of children as individuals who are equipped with the understanding of a gender just society. For this purpose, SashaktNaari Parishad visits schools and villages to promote value of sustainable education to children.


Sashakt Naari Parishad initiated Mission Milaap to bring together great minds of the country who have a zeal to achieve welfare of the society. It included various Nongovernmental organisations, Educationists, Doctors and eminent researchers in their fields.

The aim of this meeting was to provide support in a collaborative manner. This event achieved greater landmarks with the active involvement of media persons. This event led to magnificient collaborations in the social sector and turned out to be a landmark success for Sashakt Naari Parishad.


The Awareness programs by Sashakt Naari Parishad aim towards the empowerment of women.

The idea is to educate women with the issues of current importance like population explosion, environmental pollution, girl education, female feticide, and the like.

Clean India Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Clean India is the motive of this derive and SNP eagerly working on this swach bharat abhiyan. SNP team visited the different places of Gurgaon and worked on their cleanliness.

Time to time different locations covered by SNP team for cleaning and maintenance of greenery there . Our president Deepa Antil herself worked with enthusiasm for Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save girl child, educate girl child) is a scheme that aims to generate awareness and improving the efficiency of welfare services meant for women.

This mission is a very sensitive issue because its results are very slow and only awareness can bring mentality change and revolution in society . For this mission SNP team visited colleges, schools, villages, mohallas to spread awareness and organized workshops, seminars to realize the importance of girl in a family, society and our culture.


SNP team has planned to make shelter homes for the victims in remote areas. The small shelters would provide accommodation to several people irrespective of their color, caste, creed, or age in a harmonic environment.

SNP Health Education

For the healthy atmosphere we should concentrate on healthy body. SNP knows that healthy body keeps a healthy mind.

So SNP organized health checkup camps time to time by experts doctors for the welfare of society. SNP organized breast cancer awareness programs in office ,DLF phase v. For healthy society SNP always devoted for health education in different locations time to time.


SNP constantly strives to support and empower weaker sections of our society; particularly victims of domestic violence, rape and other heinous crimes.

We witness 9-10 cases daily of these social problems and we have successfully helped 70-75 % of these by bringing justice to them.

We had also organized several workshops on street level to educate and to create awareness among the masses on serious problems like sanitation, gender equality, education and healthcare.